How digital currency works?

In conventional funds is such that central banks spend money, so you can use it in barter for goods and services.

Crypto currency is different, its based on another principle that is fast pushed forward. Experts see a clear advantage in that cryptographic resources, they are limited and we have finally found a solution - so perhaps for the challenges of inflation. Furthermore is crypto currency not made via banks, its made through mining, therefore it is created.

With the computing power necessary for this are, for example, also Bitcoins by solving highly complex math problems step by step for the market released.


The future belongs to this kind of digital payment systems.

This money has not any security hesitation and for every user is the system ever traceable. Everybody can divide up it, put it forward or trade it.

Points of acceptances just started to spring up like mushrooms.


The perspective of digital coins

Crypto currency is young, partly playful and in the same moment worth several millions and it is hard to stopp it. Bitcoin is the primary rock and the old bull.


The digital currency is the start in a new era of the cash flow and swept toward the whole world.

The Idea behind it: no banks, no governmental control.

This idea catches on with a lot of users, it draws interest, makes curios and calls for critic.

On one side you see the advantages and a new branch of economy starts on the other hand the doubter see the traditional financial system in hazard.

But even these ones cannot stop the development of the digital payment system.




The formula for digital currencies

The concept behind digital currencies is from 1998. We Dai expressed the fundamental idea and published it via the cyberpunk mailing list.

Until the idea becomes real it took 10 years. Satoshi Nakamato act on the suggestion – still not know, if this is just one person or a group.

He published the opus „Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System“ in the year 2008, it's about a paying system that works from one person to the other without any authority like a bank. The outcome is the Bitcoin protocol based on cryptography.

On 3 January 2009 it was finally done.

The first bitcoins see the light of the day and were „mined“ on the electronic way.


Today of all days of the financial crisis a new exclusive digital currency comes to life.

The confidence in the financial sector was shaken to the core. Banks had and still have a bad standing. Then there comes a currency not controlled by any bank, no fees are charged, no gambling or speculating and not on the cost of the clients.


Effectively a ray of hope for all the skeptical clients of the banking system.



Therefore is SwissCoin a big chance

Since seven years the market of digital currencies is still fast-paced.

Would you had invest just a few hundreds Euro you would have now an amazing multiplied sum of it.

But the traditional mother of all digital currencies, the Bitcoin, is now at a price of way above 600€, so an invest of the most people in such a dimension is not really possible.

By the way 1 Bitcoin started on the beginning with 0,10 €.*


That means you should be with Swisscoin as early as possible from the beginning on to tap the full growing potential in the coming weeks, months and years.


The concept of Swisscoin was developed for everybody. Irrespective of what amount of money you want to invest (starting at 25€) it's the best sense to start from the beginning on.

The growing potential is now the biggest.


* The real progress of Swisscoin can't be predict. A liability for the future growing and the resulting profit is excluded.




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